TransEurope Group

Universal Marina is proud to be part of Trans Europe Marinas established in 1987. The group has grown into the largest network of independent European marinas, offering reciprocal services to visiting boats. There are 73 marinas across UK, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Canary Islands.

Benefits for visiting boats to Universal Marina Benefits for Universal Marina berth holders visiting other TransEurope marinas
We offer up to 14 nights to visiting members at TransEurope discounted prices – subject to availability 50% off visitor rates for 5 days a year at each participating marina
Free wireless internet access, water and electricity up to a maximum of 16 amps Further nights are offered at the discretion of each marina

For more information and list of participating marinas visit

Members of TransEurope will also receive a monthly newsletter to keep up to date with benefits and offers.

Our customers like the personalised service we are able to offer as an independent marina as well as having access to the much wider boating fraternity with TransEurope.