COVID-19 Universal Marina Statement

In all the uncertainty we would like to assure you that Universal Marina is open for business, and we are taking every step to maintain that.

If you were wondering if it’s safe to come into Universal Marina, we have initiated a pre-emptive business continuity plan to safeguard our staff and our services.

As part of this plan, we have made some changes to the way in which we operate. Some of these changes have already taken effect which you may have noticed and we have additional measures to adopt in order to remain in step with HMG guidance and the safety of the staff which will come into play over the next couple of weeks.

Like you, we are monitoring the situation day by day and attempting to operate as usual.

Our measures

Due to Corona Virus & the risk of cross contamination, we are no longer accepting cash payments. Card payments only, until further notice.  If you can pay over the phone or by bacs, please do so.

Please remain vigilant and maintain physical separation of 2 meters when you are interacting with the office team and lifting staff.

We are trying to provide a normal service and we have instigated a rota of deep cleaning in toilets showers and offices. So, for the time being everything is open as normal.  However, there may come a time when we are unable to guarantee this service and we may have to reduce access to the facilities.

As part of our contingency plan, and increasing the protection of our staff, we will continue to lift and launch boats. We will be under more pressure due to our customers changing situations and therefore, we will require you to think ahead and tell us when you want your boat launched. In order to meet your expectations, we will need 5 days’ notice of any changes to booked boat movements, so if we go to reduced manning, we are still able to service demand.

Finally, although we will maintain our normal level of safety and security there will be unscrupulous people who might want to take advantage of the current environment.  Therefore, where possible it would be sensible to consider any additional security measures that you could add to your boat.  Foremost, please let us know of your movements re use of your vessels and if you are expecting or authorising any contractor or other person to access your vessel let us know.

So far there has been no Government Direct or instruction from the Harbour Authority re the use of pleasure crafts. At this time, you can still go blow the cobwebs off round the Solent. But we will update you if this changes.

In Summary

We are open. The marina is safe. We will provide our usual service, but we might need more notice. Consider additional security measures.

Please be assured your vessel is in safe hands. We will try and keep you up to date via our Facebook page Internet and E-Mail with any changes.

Final Note

If you are concerned or are showing symptoms and have been visiting the marina, please inform us should you receive a positive diagnosis of Corona Virus.

Thank you all please stay safe and be mindful of those around you.


Avia Willment and the Universal Marina Team.